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Service Description

Regular workshops are provided to empower individuals and carers with knowledge and skills to help themselves and their loved ones live a healthier and more joyful life. 1. Pain Management: Many people are suffering from back pain, neck pain, weakness or numbness in hands and feet due to improper posture, prolonged use of technological devices, heavy bag carrying etc. This workshop aims to help participants balance body structure, relax soft tissue and muscle to reduce joint and nerve compression, increase joint and muscle range of movement, reduce pain and improve function. 2. Stress Management: Stress is a part of modern life, if it is not managed appropriately, it can lead to various chronic stress and anxiety symptoms, compromised nervous system function, poor productivity and communication with others. This workshop helps restore participants' balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, reclaim the feeling of a calm, clear, wide-open and happy state of mind, and build harmonious relationships with others. 3. Healing through the Spine Modern life creates posture problems. Hunching over a phone, prolonged sitting or insufficient exercise contribute to back pain and various physiological / psychological issues. A healthy spine facilitates good nerve signal transmission; allows efficient innate self-regulation and self-healing process for optimal body functions. This workshop introduces gentle, safe & effective self-help techniques, to restore natural curvatures and mobility of the spine as well as other joints in the body. 4. Special Education Needs (SEN): Caring for a child with special needs can be difficult in all aspects of life, this workshop empowers parents/carers to expand their awareness and capacity to provide an appropriate environment for the best support. Instructors will introduce home-based self-therapy activities to establish body balance, facilitate optimal self-regulation and neural development/integration. 5. HANDLE® Level 1 HANDLE® adopts a holistic approach, combines an understanding of neuroplasticity and the interplay among mind / body / environment to help the brain gently change itself.

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1202, 12/F, Finance Building, 254 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

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