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Service Description

Our community programs provide body-oriented training and treatment services. 1. Functional Development Program for Children - School Supports a. Workshops We help parents and teachers interpret children’s emotions and behaviors from a physio-psychological perspective, identify children’s needs that are at the root of behavioral, social and academic concerns, and provide the best support for their physical and neurodevelopmental needs. b. Musculoskeletal and Neurodevelopmental screening We identify students with early signs of physio-psychological and neurodevelopmental challenges, and introduce preventive and management strategies and techniques. c. Parents / Teachers Training We empower parents and teachers with effective easy-to-learn therapeutic techniques to nurture students’ optimal self-regulation in the classroom. d. Home-based Self-Therapy Training We help parents create a healthy and stable environment at home to facilitate home based self-therapy activities with their children to establish balance and neural development/integration, enhance self-regulation, concentration and efficient learning ability at school. e. Individual therapy for students Our gentle non-invasive manual therapy and methodologies can help restore overall balance and promote optimal neural integration effectively for better self-regulation and learning efficiency. 2. Functional Restoration Program for Elderly a. Seminar We provide workshops to help care-givers interpret physical challenges facing the elderly from a physio-psychological perspective, understand their needs and provide the best support for repair and regrowth of their body and brain. b. Musculoskeletal & Functional Neurological Assessment We identify signs of physical and neurodegenerative challenges, and recommend individualized management strategies and techniques. c. Caregivers Training We empower caregivers with knowledge and effective therapeutic techniques to facilitate optimal physical function and self-regulation for the elderly. d. Home-based Self-Therapy Training We empower the elderly with easy-to-learn techniques to promote their self-efficacy, confidence and peace of mind. e. Individual Therapy Our non-invasive manual therapy and methodologies can help elderly restore their balance, mobility, strength, coordination, and improve overall physical and emotional wellness.

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1202, 12/F, Finance Building, 254 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

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