Innate Harmony treated me successfully for fibromyalgia for several years. I’ve had the painful debilitating condition for twenty years and Bowen Therapy succeeded where other therapies made no significant difference.

Achieving a breakthrough required all three of us to have patience and the result was worth it as I’m able to be very active .. hiking, dance, yoga (I’m 62), and my sleeping pattern is much improved. Thank you, Irene and Ivan!


                                                                                                                                                                         Sheryl  Feniger 



I have slipped discs that for years necessitated a lumbar support belt and frequent consumption of painkillers. While I underwent conventional physiotherapy (PT) for years, including TENS, ultrasound and regular PT such as William’s Flexion, I was barely able to manage the pain and my mobility was somewhat restricted.
With Ivan performing Dorn and Bowen, relief was rapid and within a few months, I was able to shed the belt. His self-help techniques have made the use of painkillers rare.
Ivan tailors every session as well as homework—self-help exercises—to what the body needs at the time. I highly recommend him and Irene for any ailment that might require PT.

                                                                                                                                                                               Vivek Nanda


因為過去的工作勞損,我的脊骨有側彎、失去弧度等情況,腰部經常疼痛,見過不少骨科醫生、也嘗試了整脊治療、經絡按摩等,都沒有太大改善。後來,有好友介紹康悅坊的治療法,即管一試,治療師的手法很温和,同時他們教我在家自己做一些練習,恢復關節的活動力,經過一段時間的治療及練習,腰痛問題明顯改善了   。


我最欣賞兩位治療師用心支援每一位病者,令人由心情放鬆帶動身體放鬆。Irene 講解身體與神經系統的互動,使我對自己的身體意識敏銳了,Ivan 耐性地指導不同的練習,和分享飲食保健的知識,都令我獲益不少。


                                                                                                                                                                                          Sonia Tsang