What is Dorn Method?

Updated: Jan 12

Dorn Method promotes the natural self-regulation of spinal vertebrae and joints by combining the movements of the client with the gentle touch of the practitioner. This serves to develop the client’s better awareness of his/her body and learning of techniques to self manage pain and/or irritations.

Dorn Method is non-invasive, safe and effective. It is also a true self-help method, with simple and safe techniques to self adjust the spinal and joint misalignment effectively with comfort and no pain.

Origin of Dorn Method

Dieter Dorn (1938 - 2011) was born in South Germany, he was a Sawmill owner working for the farmers in the area. Dieter suffered from sciatic pain while lifting a heavy log, his pain was relieved by an old healer in his hometown with some simple movements. He asked the healer if he also could learn this technique but the old man said to him: You already know it! Dieter Dorn was his last patient, soon after the old man died without teaching Dieter Dorn his knowledge. So Dieter Dorn had to work the method out himself and developed the Dorn METHOD as we know it today.

Soon after, Dieter Dorn helped many people in the neighbourhood by correcting their leg length and aligning their joints. To his surprise, many other ailments like knee pains, heart problems, hearing problems and others also seem to have disappeared.

The answer to all this he discovered by coincidence in a book about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where acupuncture and acupressure were among the techniques used to cure many ailments.

During the course of his treatments, he observed that he was also addressing the meridians (nerve pathways) along the spine. Because of the connection between the spinal cord and the inner organs connected through the spinal nerve pathways, many problems disappeared when the misaligned vertebrae where corrected.

By meeting and assisting Dr. Thomas Hansen M.D., Dieter Dorn started to lean more about anatomy and physiology, and together, they explored the potentials of this new method for an extended period of time.

Some years later, Dieter Dorn decided that it was time to teach other people this wonderful method, and he started to give seminars. Many learned from him and are now following in his foot steps with equal success.

Today, more and more people from the medical field, like doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, non-medical practitioners and chiropractors, attend these seminars and are amazed about what they learn.

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For more about Dorn Self Help, please visit www.dorn-selfhelp.org

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