What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy (International School of Bowen Therapy, ISBT) is a unique myofascial manual therapy based on the work of renowned Australian therapist, Thomas (Tom) Ambrose Bowen (1916 – 82). It involves a series of specific gentle moves over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue fibres to improve flow of body fluids and nerve signals, restore flexibility of the fascia and increase circulation of essential fluids, and serves to bring about often profound and positive results affecting many conditions in the whole body.

It is gentle, safe and effective to promote overall body balance, assist injury recovery and maintain general health, and can be used on anyone, including those suffering extreme trauma, the frail and the elderly, pregnant women and newborn babies.

About Tom Bowen

Tom Bowen was regarded as an extremely talented practitioner and government documents suggest he was one of the busiest therapists in Australia during the 1970s and into the ‘80s. His contact with leading manual therapists of the 1950-60s enabled him to develop his manual and diagnostic skills to an exceptional level, using gentle soft-tissue techniques that stood him apart from other practitioners.

Renowned for his extraordinary compassion, Bowen’s service to the community was acknowledged with a memorial statue nearby the premises where he had his first clinic.

International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT), not only inspired by Tom Bowen’s unique work, endeavours to follow the example he set by teaching assessment skills as a natural part of a course in Bowen Therapy.

For more about Tom Bowen, the Man and the Therapy, please visit www.thebowenbook.com

About International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT)

ISBT was established in 1998 by internationally experienced directors and instructors Lisa Black and Col Murray. They developed an interpretation of Tom Bowen’s work based on their extensive clinical research and treatments / observations / interviews with various groups of people who had lengthy contact with Tom Bowen and observed his work. They have also had ongoing contact with Bowen’s family. Lisa and Col believe this very productive research has served to confirm the concepts and principles on which ISBT - Bowen Therapy ISBT is based and the direction they had headed with it.

The value of this work is now being recognised throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and South America. ISBT - Bowen Therapy is also approved for the public hospital system in Hong Kong and was recently included in the myofascial component of the Masters of Physiotherapy course at the historic Aveiro University, Portugal.

For more information, please visit www.Bowen-Therapy.com

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