Holistic Approach to

Chronic Pain, Chronic Stress,

Special Education Needs

based on principles of

Osteopathy,  Neural Integration,

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy. 


About Us

Innate Harmony was established in 2008, we believe that the nervous system controls and coordinates every organ and cell in the body;  body structure and function are interrelated, inter-operated, and inter-reacted as one unit.

  • Our Purpose is to educate and lead clients toward better health through the natural healing process. 

  • Our Mission is to increase awareness that preventive care and treatment for healthy nervous system, fascial system and musculoskeletal system are vital for optimal functioning. 

  • Our Vision is to see osteopathic care and neural development/integration facilitation as the first choice in a client’s quest for good health and wellness. 

Our team is led by Irene Lim, DO, DOMP, SEP, MBA, who has received her extensive training in Osteopathy, Neural Integration, and Body-Oriented Psychotherapy since 2004. She is also the certified teacher for the International School of Bowen Therapy and Dorn Method.



Healing from

inside out


Pain free

Cost effective



Our Services

Cognitive, emotional, and physical capacities are inextricably intertwined throughout the life course. We adopt a holistic and integrated approach to address Pain Management, Stress Release, Spinal Health, Special Education Needs (SEN).